What should I do if schoolbag smells bad?

2021-05-31 18:16:58 Jacky
  1. Place for ventilation and deodorization       

    The smell of newly bought schoolbags is usually the residual smell of schoolbag making materials, and there is no ventilation for a long time after packaging, so there will be peculiar smell when the package is just opened. In this case, you only need to place the schoolbag in a cool and ventilated place for a period of time, and the peculiar smell of the schoolbag will naturally be blown away by the wind.

    2. Cleaning and deodorizing   

    Many people buy a new schoolbag and wash it and use it again. This method is also one of the common ways to get rid of the peculiar smell. Clean the schoolbag with some scented detergent and let the aromatic molecules in the detergent replace the peculiar smell in the schoolbag. Molecule, after the bag is air-dried, the peculiar smell is naturally eliminated.

    3. Absorption and deodorization   

    You can use some good adsorbents to get rid of the peculiar smell of the schoolbag. For example, put activated carbon, tea, lemon, orange peel and other items that are easy to smell in the schoolbag, and close the zipper. After a few days, The smell of schoolbags will be absorbed by these substances.