Drawing custom backpack notes

2019-09-22 23:59:14 liao911

The backpack  customization can be basically divided into three categories: drawing customization, sample customization, and design customization. However, as the name suggests, the customer provides the picture or design drawing, and then asks the manufacturer to customize the production according to the drawings.

1. What kind of diagram is the figure?
 Customization can be classified into pure image customization and design drawing customization. If the customer only provides a pure picture, the manufacturer needs to figure out the relevant bag size, material, style details, etc. before production customization. To understand, otherwise, with a single picture is not able to fully produce the same luggage. If the customer provides the design drawing, then it is a little simpler than the pure drawing. The manufacturer and the customer only need to communicate in detail about the material, proofing, price, delivery time, etc. If there is no problem, basically it can be The order was produced.
 2, pay attention to the choice of manufacturers
 To map customization is still relatively high for manufacturers. If the manufacturer does not have certain strength, even if the customer provides a complete package design, it may not be done. Therefore, when choosing a manufacturer, customers should pay attention to carefully selecting strong manufacturers. China's luggage manufacturers are everywhere. When you choose, you must polish your eyes to avoid choosing manufacturers that are not reliable.
 3. Prepare in advance and have enough production time
 Reserve sufficient production time and construction period. Customization of luggage is a process of careful work. To ensure the quality of the products, it is best to find the luggage manufacturers in advance, and reserve enough production time and schedule for the luggage manufacturers. The period is too tight. If it is not a regular style, the new style must be faced with low productivity during the adaptation of the workers. All processing techniques and procedures need to be established and adapted, including the sudden problems that must be encountered in the new production. It is often said that these problems will lead to errors and continuation of the construction period.