• Is the custom logo for school bags free?

    schoolbag customization logo is the highlight of the schoolbag customization process. The choice of printing process to put the logo on the schoolbag is directly related to the aesthetics of the cust

    2021/03/21 Jacky

  • Omaska factory back to work fron CNY new holiday

    Omaska factory back to work fron CNY new holidayWellcome to inquiry to USHere you can get 2021 new backpack design / Small MOQ /ODM/OEM Here you can get the latest 2021 Best Backpack CatalogeNE

    2021/02/22 Jacky

  • Student backpack customization in back school season?

    Any luggage customization has a certain process trend, and student schoolbag customization is no exception. Before customizing student schoolbags, if the customization party can figure out the directi

    2020/07/29 Jacky

  • On May 1 travel mask disinfection should not be careless

    At present, the global epidemic situation has not been controlled. When traveling, everyone still has to pay attention to the related protection work to avoid bacterial infection. It is important to s

    2020/05/02 Jacky

  • Which backpack manufacturer is good choice in China

    Each year, the demand for luggage customization is still relatively large, so many luggage customization manufacturers have also been born. Facing many luggage manufacturers, when there is a need for

    2020/03/18 Jacky

  • Under the epidemic, how long will it take to customize the backpack?

    Q: Under the epidemic, how long will it take to customize the backpack?A: Although affected by the epidemic, backpack custom manufacturers generally resume work late, but if the backpack is made of or

    2020/03/13 Jacky

  • Drawing custom backpack notes

    The backpack customization can be basically divided into three categories: drawing customization, sample customization, and design customization. However, as the name suggests, the customer provides

    2019/09/22 liao911

  • Men's must-have three styles of bags

    Bags are not only women's patents, men can also use bags for daily matching, if men choose the bag style, with daily dress can instantly enhance personal temperament, let you become a stylish and

    2019/09/22 liao911

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