How to exercise and improve immunity under the epidemic?

2020-04-10 15:28:15 Jacky

You can also exercise at home during the epidemic. As long as you exercise, whether it is aerobic or anaerobic exercise, 

such as aerobics, yoga, or random walking, it can promote blood circulation and indirectly improve immunity. 

In addition, there are two things to do: 

  1. Do n’t stay up late and get enough sleep. Many people stay up late to play mobile phones and watch movies, but staying up late is a bad habit of overdrawing life, which will damage our nervous system and damage the body ’s nutrition supply. Therefore, the habit of sleeping regularly and regularly has to be developed slowly.

  2. 2. A good habit of eating regularly and not picky eating. Cultivating healthy eating habits requires perseverance. Every meal should be richer. Every meal should have staple food, vegetables and protein foods. The dishes should be more than meat. Less oil and salt, don't overeat every meal. Snacks should also eat less fried foods or puffed foods, eat more dairy products, fruits, vegetables, etc., appropriate to eat some supplements such as Tomson Bianjian protein powder to supplement protein, also help to enhance physical fitness and improve immunity