• How to choose outdoor backpack

    As long as it is a mountaineering activity, you need a big backpack. The predecessors once said that your home is on your back. All the households that eat, drink, use, and sleep are placed in such a

    2019/02/22 Jacky

  • Where can the school backpack bags be customized?

    China is a large country producing luggage and bags. There are many places where you can provide customized schoolbag services. However, the scale of the customized schoolbag industry varies from plac

    2021/06/19 Jacky

  • A new beginning in June --OMASKA Factory

    A new beginning in June

    2021/06/03 Jacky

  • What should I do if schoolbag smells bad?

    Place for ventilation and deodorization   The smell of newly bought schoolbags is usually the residual smell of schoolbag making materials, and there is no ventilation for a long time after packag

    2021/05/31 Jacky

  • Backpack factory facing new challenges

    The Omaska backpack factory is busy packing and shipping every day. With the changes in the international market, foreign demand is also constantly changing, especially this year because the foreig

    2021/05/20 Jacky

  • Is the custom backpack nylon or Oxford cloth good?

    Whether the custom-made backpack is nylon or Oxford cloth ?   Customized backpacks, nylon fabrics and Oxford cloth fabrics are unique in various colors, and the suitable fabric materials for backpa

    2021/04/12 Jacky

  • Where is there a manufacturer of customized advertising schoolbags

    To find a custom advertising schoolbag manufacturer, look for Omaska, a 21-year professional backpack bag custom manufacturer, an old strength source factory, with its own design board room, leather p

    2021/03/15 Jacky

  • alibaba live show

    Backpack factory live show Free shipping, Free sample.

    2020/11/17 Jacky

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