Is the custom logo for school bags free?

2021-03-21 08:53:43 Jacky

 schoolbag customization logo is the highlight of the schoolbag customization process. The choice of printing process to put the logo on the schoolbag is directly related to the aesthetics of the customized finished schoolbag and the promotion effect of the customized schoolbag. Don’t underestimate a logo. The potential effect brought by. So, is the custom logo for schoolbags free? This question is of concern to many people. In the past customer receptions, I met many people asking questions.

Regarding the question of whether custom logos for  schoolbags are free, the answer is not uniform. Because there are many kinds of custom logo printing processes for schoolbags, the cost and price required for different logo printing processes such as silk screen, embroidery, embossing, and hardware mold opening are different, and each manufacturer can bear the cost of logo printing. Different, if the logo printing cost is not high, the schoolbag manufacturer accepts the customer’s order. Due to the happy cooperation between the two parties, it does not matter if the manufacturer bears the small logo printing cost, but if it exceeds the manufacturer’s acceptable range If this is the case, then the customization party will need to bear the relevant logo printing costs.

Generally speaking, for conventional logo printing processes such as silk-screen printing, embroidery, and embossing, the required costs are all included in the quotation provided by the  manufacturer to the customer, and the customer does not need to pay additional logo printing costs.