Student backpack customization in back school season?

2020-07-29 15:43:09 Jacky

Any luggage customization has a certain process trend, and student schoolbag customization is no exception. 

Before customizing student schoolbags, if the customization party can figure out the direction of the entire process, many detours that may occur in the customization process can be avoided.

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  1. Finding a suitable schoolbag customization manufacturer from various channels    Looking for a suitable schoolbag customization manufacturer is the leader of the entire customization process. Only when a formal, professional and powerful manufacturer is found, the schoolbag that the customizer wants can be customized, and the quality of the finished schoolbag is also More secure. In the Internet age, you can find suitable manufacturers through offline and online channels, but no matter where you find a manufacturer, you must pay attention to whether the manufacturer you are looking for is formal and professional, so as not to be deceived.

2. Detailed communication between both parties is very important.  

  Student schoolbag customization is indispensable for the detailed communication between the customizing party and the manufacturer. The customizing party must explain the requirements of the schoolbag customization to the manufacturer in detail, and at the same time ensure that the manufacturer’s docking staff clearly understands their needs. The communication process in the middle has a certain degree of running-in. If there is something unclear between the two parties, they must communicate in time, otherwise they will find out when the bag is proofed or even finished, it will be too late. If the custom party has a sample, it is very good to provide it to the manufacturer for reference.

3. Proofing confirmation     

After both parties have confirmed all the relevant details, the proofing is the testimony of the actual communication results. Only after the proofing schoolbag sample is approved by the customizing party, the next order production can be carried out. If the customizing party is not satisfied with the proofing effect , Then the specific operation should be carried out in accordance with the contract signed by both parties before the proofing. Whether to modify the model or re-proof, this is the communication between both parties.       

4 Sign the contract       

After the custom party is satisfied with the proofed schoolbag samples, the formal contract can be signed. Only after the formal contract is signed, the schoolbag manufacturer will arrange a series of customized production processes such as production process sheet, material preparation, material opening, and online production. Custom schoolbags are the real start.       

5 inspection       

During the production process and after the production is completed, the schoolbag customization manufacturers will arrange QC to conduct random inspections. Only after the random inspections are passed to ensure that the quality of the schoolbag products is correct, they will arrange packaging and shipment to customers. Of course, if the customization party is not at ease, they can send someone to the factory to conduct random inspections. The specific details can be communicated with the manufacturer.