Backpack factory facing new challenges

2021-05-20 11:12:29 Jacky

   The Omaska backpack factory is busy packing and shipping every day. 

OMASKA-the leading backpack manufacturer in China

With the changes in the international market, foreign demand is also constantly changing, especially this year because the foreign epidemic situation has become more and more serious, and the Indian market is due to the new coronavirus ( COVID-19), many backpack factories have to stop production, so a large number of customized backpack orders need to be completed in China. China's manufacturing industry is facing new challenges.

OMASKA-the leading backpack manufacturer in China

      The Omaska backpack factory is also facing new challenges. It packs and ships every day, and many orders are sent to countries all over the world. We believe that Omaska Backpack Factory still has a long way to go. With the support of many customers and everyone's efforts, Omaska Backpack will become stronger and stronger.